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why use an architect?

When thinking about a building project you may be unsure about how an Architect or other designer will be able to help, or whether you even need one.  Or you may think that you just need someone to draw up your ideas for planning.

An architect can help you at every stage of a project. From getting the brief and the design right at the start, through negotiating planning and building regulations and working out how it will be built, right up to administering the works on site, working with the builders to get it built as you want it.  And an architect has done it all before, so will be able to guide you through the process and make it as stress free and as enjoyable as possible.

Architects are problem solvers, who will ensure that you address the core needs of your project to get to a solution that meets those needs.  An architect will work closely with you to hone your ideas into a brief, and will also be able to identify solutions and opportunities that you may not have thought of. An architect will be able to suggest layouts, materials and products that go beyond the conventional to truly meet the needs of the project and maximise returns. This is what we are trained to do - to think creatively about a problem to come up with solutions that are not always obvious. 

Investment at the right stages of the project will save you money in the long run. Getting the brief and the design right at the start reduces the need to make costly changes when on site. A full set of drawings will allow accurate pricing and programming by a builder and with everything thought about and coordinated before you get to site you can be confident of what you are going to get and how much it will cost.  You will also know that what you will get is what you want.

A well designed building is a lot more than just external appearances or a building regs certificate. And a well designed building is better to live in and worth more than a badly designed one.

Engaging an architect is the best investment in your project that you can make.


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