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Tim Offer Architect South Devon Tim Offer Architect South Devon  Tim Offer Architect South Devon  Tim Offer Architect South Devon  Tim Offer Architect South Devon

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and believe that we stand out for the exemplary nature of our approach and outputs.

We never rest on assumptions or repeat standard solutions.  Each project is questioned from first principles and emerges through collaboration with clients and other stakeholders, ensuring that it addresses clear needs and aspirations in an intelligent and creative way.

This thorough approach ensures that we can maximise value by identifying problems and their most effective resolution, focusing expenditure to where it is needed most.  It also means that others who are involved in the process have the information that they need to make clear and effective decisions.

Our workstages loosely follow the RIBA plan of work, but have been honed to coincide with major project milestones:

Tim Offer Architect South Devon stage 1
Tim Offer Architect South Devon stage2

Stage 1: Briefing, Initial Proposals

Each project starts with the gathering of information.  A thorough briefing process is the most important stage of any job - if you are asking the wrong questions and making the wrong assumptions at the start then everything that follows will also be wrong!

We arrange for a full survey to be undertaken, and engage in a number of conversations to establish what the needs and aspirations of the project are.  This often results in questioning and putting aside initial assumptions.  We will also ask that you develop your own ideas for the project - how you imagine you will use the spaces and what they might look and feel like.

We then develop your brief and ideas into concept proposals through sketches and models.  At this stage we also consider basic constructional and environmental concerns.  There may be a number of options or variations that reflect different solutions to the problem.

The major output of stage 1 is a report that brings all of these options and details together for discussion, and agreement for how to move forwards.

Stage 2: Design Development, Planning

Stage 2 takes the initial proposals and develops these into a coherent design ready for a planning application where required. 

Drawings, models and reports bring together all of the information and develop the proposal ready for submission.  Careful research is also undertaken into the planning context and history.

We are meticulous about the information that we submit, using a number of methods to best describe the scheme.  We have experience of making successful applications in conservation areas and to listed buildings, within the national park and areas of outstanding natural beauty, and have been praised for the thorough and comprehensive quality of our applications and our conduct throughout the process. 

Even where planning is not required, this stage is an important phase of development of the project from the initial proposals ready for detailed and technical design.

The major output of stage 2 is a planning submission to the local authority.

Tim Offer Architect South Devon stage 3

tim offer architect stage 5

Stage 3: Detailed Design, Building Regulations

When planning permission is granted, the next steps are to develop the technical information of how the project will be built.  Stages 3 and 4 tend to run concurrently, but can be separated depending on the service to be provided.

At stage 3 other consultants such as structural engineers become more involved and the building fabric and performance are developed and finalised.

The major output of stage 3 is a submission for Building Regulations approval.

Stage 4:Technical Design, Tender Documentation

Stage 4 develops this information into a full set of details and specifications for contractors to prepare full tenders.  At this stage all of the final decisions on materials and products will be made and the way that elements come together finalised.

The major output of stage 4 is a tender submission to a number of builders to get accurate quotes for the work.

Stage 5: Construction, Contract Administration

Following the selection of a contractor, construction can start.

All of the construction information, details and specifications are brought together and a contract formed between you and the contractor.  This will set out exactly what is to be built, how much this will cost, and how long it will take.

Throughout the construction phase we act as contract administrator, checking progress and quality of work, responding to queries and requests for information, and monitoring the financial aspects of the project.  We will certify work and issue instructions to ensure that the work is in accordance with the contract.

We will visit site regularly through this stage, and at practical completion will gather information and inspect the work ready for handover.  After you have moved in we will assist in coordinating any further work that is required and settling the final accounts, as well as helping you to get to know your new building.

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