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We want to craft the extraordinary out of the everyday.  Every project starts with a particular situation or relationship - a conversation at dinner time, or maybe a framed view of a landscape.  Our focus is on allowing these experiences to come into being - on creating a sense of belonging.

This belonging is enabled through an understanding of the local context - orientation, aspect, view, materiality and form.  Not imitating the context, but learning from it - what has shaped it and made it particular.

A respect for context is also at the heart of a sustainable design approach - minimising impact and maximising passive benefits, while using local materials and expertise to root a project in its place.

To turn a house into a home emotion and experience need to be added.  This comes from strong client relationships and reading between the lines of a brief to reveal hidden opportunities.  We add value through our creative thinking.

These aims are achieved through the careful manipulation of material and light, and the choreography of everyday life.  Architecture is about people and activity, interaction and experience.  It is about real things in real places.   We are interested in architecture as a backdrop to life.

People are at the heart of everything that we do.  We work hard to understand our clients and their needs – beyond what is written in the brief – in order to find unexpected opportunities and solutions.


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Tim Offer Architect South Devon Tim Offer Architect South Devon  Tim Offer Architect South Devon  Tim Offer Architect South Devon  Tim Offer Architect South Devon

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'From start to finish Tim provided an excellent service. He had really good ideas, was flexible to fit in with our needs and provided regular opportunites to reappraise the project. He dealt efficiently with the planners and building inspectors. He sourced the builder which we chose with him and supervised the project allowing us to have confidence in the whole process.
Most of all he has transformed our ramshackle badly converted barn into a modern living space we are proud of.'
Peter and Nicola, South Hams

'We contacted Tim Offer Architects to design a new dining room for us. It's an awkward space - it's the main entrance to the house too. With creative changes in flooring and roof heights Tim designed something for us that does both brilliantly; giving us more natural light, a better use of outside space, a greater sense of connection and some bonus storage space. Tim is thorough and helped us through the whole process, making it all go as smoothly as possible and we love the end result. Now we need the rest of the house doing...'
Adam and Vicky, Dartmoor

'His professionalism, attention to detail and ability to work with us enabled the build to run smoothly. It was a pleasure to work with him.'
Ian and Jane, Suffolk


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Sustainability is rooted in our design approach from the earliest appraisal of a project or a site.  We look to passive solutions to reduce the impact of our designs by harnessing the qualities of material and environment. 

First we aim to minimize energy usage – through careful placement and orientation and through the design of the fabric of the construction.  Next we look to passive solutions for heating and cooling – harnessing solar energy and natural ventilation.  Only after this do we look at meeting the remaining energy requirements, where possible suggesting renewable technologies to meet these needs.

We hope that the principles that underpin our work will also encourage and enable more sustainable lifestyles.

Stackyard (Millway) was the winner of the RIBA East Sustainability Prize 2015:

'... the designed principles of the PassivHaus are to be commended. But it is also the timber primary structure which is exposed internally, the airtightness, solar thermal collectors, solar photovoltaic cells and rainwater harvesting with careful consideration to the choice of material in construction, in use and end of life...'

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We listen, engage, observe, think, question, look, learn, research, design, develop, talk, draw, model, make and facilitate.  

We work hard to understand our clients and their needs – beyond what is written in the brief – in order to find unexpected opportunities and solutions.  The process of creating a project is key to its success, through dialogue and collaboration.

Initial ideas are drawn and modelled to stimulate further discussion and to draw in other members of the team.  Through research and dialogue our projects are enriched and honed, with drawings and models the key tools of development and communication alongside reports, specifications, visualisations and diagrams.

Design drawings evolve through the process to become key tools for presentation, documentation, coordination, production, fabrication and construction

See Process for more detail of how we work


Teaching has always been a fundamental part of Tim's professional life.  He was invited to return to the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University after graduating, and has continued to teach at the WSA as well as having roles at Kingston University, Nottingham University and Plymouth University.  A number of Tim's students have been nominated for RIBA President's medals and have gone on to work in leading architectural practices.

Through teaching and research we test ideas and processes.  This relationship and dialogue enables us to continue to develop and hone our agendas and aspirations. 

As well as teaching design in studio, Tim has also taught technology and construction detailing, and set up the module teaching professional practice and construction management to final year undergraduates at Plymouth.
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providing local, award winning design across Devon:

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